Expansion strips are mounted in concrete floor plates to compensate movements in plate sections. Concrete plates are exposed to internal and external pressures. Damage occurs mainly at the edges of plates near to connections. Connection of floor plates should compensate their mutual horizontal movements (perpendicular and parallel to the expansion joint) which are usually caused by thermal expansion and shrinkage of concrete. At the same time the connection must also block vertical movements and mutual curving of floor elements which is a consequence of traffic, heavy loads and uneven passive earth pressure. The Sinus expansion joints ensure an even distribution of the loads between floor plates by preventing excessive local tensions. Expansion profiles help to eliminate the main reason behind uncontrolled floor cracking, they make the floor last longer and improve use comfort. The number of expansion joints should allow to divide the floor into regular fields, with a shape similar to a square of up to 1000 m2, which constitutes a daily flooring efficiency. Profiles should be spaced at a distance not greater than 45-45 m. The system is complete, easy to install and ready for application, all you should do is place the profiles at the installation site and join them without wrenches, using screws with wing nuts provided in the package. The Sinus joints guarantee proper resistance in case of permanent high traffic loads. For the design and joints quantities is recommended to refer to the legislation "CNR-DT 211/2014". Standard bar length 3,00 lm (nominal length).
  • GIUNTO SINUS 06NC110 - 5D