PROPERTIES: This type of PVC permits the use of WATERSTOP on concrete constructions exposed to temperatures from -30°C to +70°C inclusive, thus ensuring a notable resistance to ageing, chemical corrosion in alkaline environments, salt water and acidic solutions. FUNCTION: The WATERSTOP type RG, with bulb, is used for sealing expansion and contraction joint openings in concrete castings. It ensures water resistance even under pressure. It is used to make swimming pools, canals, acquaducts, tanks and dams leakproof as well as to prevent water seepage in foundations in general, tunnels and silos. TECHNICAL DETAILS: Resistant to sunlight, ozone, other atmospheric and chemical agents normally present in the air or water table. Has high flexibility even at low temperatures. The mechanical characteristics remain unchanged over time. It is compatible with prefabricated synthetic PVC membranes.


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