FEATURES OF JOINT TYPE GDO 40/40 AND GDL 30/40: The profiles are equipped with a central body acting as a joint, equipped with two lined wings on both sides to provide eather perfect anchorage or together fusion with a bituminous sheath or a synthetic PVC membrane. The GDO 40/40 type has a triple watertight bulb while the GDO 40/40 type has a double watertight bulb. TECHNICAL DETAILS: Resistant to degradation from sunlight, ozone and other normally found atmospheric and chemical agents. Highly flexible even at low temperatures. Mechanical characteristics remain unchanged over time. These joints are compatible with prefabricated bituminous membranes type APP, SBS, spread bitumen and synthetic PVC layers.
It is recommended that the surfaces to be connected are carefully cleaned, if necessary even with solvents, to ensure the best adherence between the profile and the bituminous sheaths. In some cases, it could be opportune to nail the profiles to ensure greater adherence, particularly with the bituminous surface. It is also possible to weld the joint in the workshop, with the help of a normal hot air lance. The type GDO 40/40 and GDL 30/40 expansion joints can be used on roofing, foundations, bridges and viaducts.