Non-dilating construction joints and transitions such as concrete to brick must be sealed against the ingress of water in a permanent way. CombiLINE is made of synthetic rubber, for sealing construction joints that are not subject to expansion. It can be easily joined to a great variety of different materials (e.g. concrete, wood or metal). Pre-fabrication is not necessary, because all the joints can easily be made on the construction site. CombiLINE can only be installed using epoxy adhesive, because of its thin cross-section of 1 millimetre. The adhesive area must be at least 4 cm to ensure optimum adhesion to the substrate. The strip should not be openly exposed to the weather, and so it has to be covered by a protective construction mat or something similar, or be coated completely with epoxy adhesive and spread with quartz sand. Along with the strips in various different widths, the standard range also includes moulded parts such as interior and exterior corner sections.