The aluminium joint for finished floor in parking areas. The aluminium wings with insert are fixed directly on the surface of the ready floor (ceramic, stone or concrete). Section bar in natural aluminium, knurled and non-skid. Standard length: 3,00 ml. The plastic-coated PVC-insert (grey color ) is resistant to very high temperatures and is fixed to the floor with a calibrated compound made of primer, activators and adhesives which has been lab-tested and proved very well over the years. The (black ) flexible insert of EPDM, highly resistant both to high and low temperatures.
Capacity load
Suitable for cars and tucks traffic. Max. admisible load 600 kN with min. wheel diameter 200 mm and width 200 mm.
Mounted using 7 fixing plugs every inear meter (1every 30 cm) alternately on each side of the profile.
  • PARK SL 230 W
  • 70
  • 35
  • 231
  • or.+/-30; vert.+/-20


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