The joint PU 55/55 for large widths consists in extruded section bars of aluminium, joined by a central plate supported by a carriage provided with a self-centering and springing pivot which enables, in case of earthquake, to follow the seismic shock and to go back to its rest position, thus avoiding damages to the building. The central plate is to be filled with mortar (screed) and paved with tiles, paying attention that it is perfectly flush with the bordering floor, thus giving a likeable optical effect. Standard length: 3,00 ml. The side inserts in neoprene allow thermal movements up to 40 mm (± 20). The seal is available in rolls of up to 25 metres in length. Insert colours: grey or black
Capacity load
Pedestrians, shopping cars, gurneys, light trolleys.
Fixing is made by inserting mechanical plugs on existing holes on wings of profile.
  • PU 55/55-300
  • PU 55/55-350
  • PU 55/55-450
  • 300 - 450
  • 350
  • 450
  • 55
  • 55
  • 55
  • 842
  • 942
  • 992
  • 894
  • 944
  • 1044
  • +/- 250; +/- 300
  • +/- 300
  • +/- 300


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