AL 420 is suitable for high traffic and seismic areas. This joint has no wings that reduce the thickness of the adjoining paving. Compatible with all kinds of paving including concrete industrial pavings. Standard length: 3,00 ml.
Capacity load
Pedestrians, shopping cars, gurneys, light trolleys. Cars and trucks up to 35 kN. Transpalletts with synthetic pneumatic wheel up to 25 kN/mm* Fork lifts with small wheels up to 11 kN* ** The joint can be also installed on open joints of 200 mm width. In this case the LOAD-BEARING CAPACITY becomes pedestrian only ** The capacity load shown is only guaranted if the mounting instructions have been correctly followed.
Fixing is made by inserting mechanical plugs on existing holes on wings of profile.
  • AL 420
  • 150
  • 20
  • 420
  • ± 100


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